"Learning to Stand" EP out now on all platforms



Will Orchard @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck

McGonigel's Mucky Duck, Houston, TX

Sergio is prolific songwriter from Houston. Bringing his own brand and style of writing. he’s also the frontman for the band Buxton, bluegrass band Ancient Cat Society and psych electronic group Guess Genes. Jess Kerber is a songwriter who hails from just outside New Orleans, LA. Her musicianship developed quickly as playing and writing music became an obsession within the isolation of small-town Louisiana. Her voice grew to attain a deep purple heaviness, enchanting her early recordings and all backed by the tasteful intricacy of her guitar playing; melodic and captivating enough to stand on its own.  On his new record, Learning to Stand, Will Orchard embraces forgiveness in hushed tones. The standout track, “Don’t Let Me Fall,” starts the album with cautiously strummed guitars that gain confidence throughout the song. Orchard introduces himself as a scattered figure with a “snowball head with diamonds in the globe / tumbling around with other broken snow.” He contrasts himself with an assured woman who was a “big bright hammer on my creaky floors,” breaking him out of his shell and providing a center for his scattered thoughts. The song is characterized by playful imagery and unexpected descriptors reminiscent of a Wilco song. The poetry is effective, the melodies are memorable, and it’s a favorite on the record for me.

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